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Truffled Cardamom Wave Bowl
Item #: MC-202-TCA

Truly unlike any other fragrance, this rich and opulent aroma embraces your surroundings with warmth and comfort. Candied cardamom, spicy bergamot, earthy vetiver, and golden honey combine to create an invitation to indulge in the moments spent indoors.

Hand-poured in a re-usable hammered metal bowl, this stunning centerpiece spreads fragrance beautifully with its three wicks, all while making a statement in any space. Candle is topped with a beautiful, gold-foil accented dustcover, ensuring wax is protected before use.

Fragrance Notes

  • Candied Cardamom
  • Bergamot
  • Vetiver
Price: $ 43.00
Product Status: Available
Burn Time: Up to 40 Hours
Size: 4.5H x 5.8D
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