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Wholesale Declaration Form

Terms of Sale

Opening Orders and New Accounts:

Upon approval, the minimum opening order is $300, net of shipping, per approved resale location. Each account, shipping location and order requires pre-approval from Aspen Bay Candles sales division. Orders for new accounts must be prepaid prior to shipment. Payment, including 15% freight (US) or 20% freight (CAN), may be made by credit card, check, wire or ACH. Aspen Bay Candles reserves the right to approve or reject an account in its sole discretion.


All orders are subject to corporate approval and Aspen Bay Candles reserves the right to refuse any order. Changes to dated orders must be made at least five days prior to requested ship date. Minimums: The minimum order amount per resale/shipping location is $100. Orders will not be shipped to accounts that are past due. Past due accounts will be billed late charges of 1.5% per month (18% per annum).

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate:

A Sales Tax Exemption Certificate is required at the time you submit an order. Opening orders will not be processed until this form is received. If a retailer is unable to provide an Exemption Certificate, we may be required to charge sales tax. (Applicable to U.S. accounts only.) Locations: Aspen Bay Candles products can only be sold in stores and/or websites approved in advance by the local brand Representative and corporate office. If you maintain multiple store locations, whether physical storefront or internet site, each location is subject to approval by the corporate office prior to the sale of any Aspen Bay Candles products from that location.


Current prices are as listed on our Price List. Prices are subject to change without notice. All burn times are approximate and will vary according to conditions and fragrances. MAP Policy: In an effort to promote fair competition across all our retail outlets, we have a Minimum Advertising Pricing (MAP) policy. All Aspen Bay Candles products must, at a minimum, have an advertised price equal to MAP. A current list of all products can be obtained by contacting your Brand Representative or Customer Service and requesting a pricing guide. Aspen Bay Candles reserves the right to refuse orders prospectively from Buyers who do not adhere to this policy.


Aspen Bay Candles does not allow restrictions within approved locations. Approved locations may carry any assortment appropriate to their store, subject to account classification (per new account terms and opening order minimums). Special terms apply to accounts with multiple locations. Please contact the Aspen Bay Candles sales division for more information.


All orders are shipped F.O.B. from our warehouse by commercial carrier unless otherwise specified. Shipping costs vary and you will be responsible for paying all shipping and freight costs relating to your orders.

Returns & Claims:

No returns will be accepted. Orders which contain damages, shortages, mis-shipments or any other issues must be reported to Customer Service within 7 days of receipt.

Invoice Requests:

We are going green. Please advise if you would like to receive invoices via postal mail. To request a replacement copy of an invoice, please call Aspen Bay Customer Service. Payment Terms: Standard payment terms are prepay by either credit card, ACH, wire transfer (must include a $20 wire transfer fee in addition to order total), or check. All international orders are required to wire transfer payment. In order to receive Net 30 days terms, the customer must submit an Aspen Bay Candles credit application. Aspen Bay Candles reserves the right to refuse to grant terms for any reason not prohibited by law. To retain Net 30 days terms, you must remain in good credit standing. Accounts with balances over 30 days will be placed on credit hold and new shipments will be suspended.

Credit Card Policy:

Aspen Bay Candles charges a 2.5% fee for all credit card payments not processed at the time of shipment. To avoid this fee, customers may pay with a credit card at the time of purchase, mail a check before shipment or pay via ACH or wire transfer. We will email banking information to any customer who wishes to electronically transfer funds. Please note: this policy only affects customers with net 30 terms that pay by credit card. Order Issues: Orders refused or returned for any reason without prior approval will be billed for shipping costs as well as a 20% restocking charge. If reshipment is requested, shipping costs and restocking charge will be assessed and billed on the invoice. Any account that refuses an order a second time will be placed on Prepay or Credit Card terms.

Returned Checks:

Any checks returned will incur a fee of the lesser of $30 or the maximum amount permitted by law. If a check is returned, it will be redeposited. If a redeposited check is returned unpaid, the account will be placed with a third-party collection agency. Any account with a second check returned will be placed on prepaid status. Aspen Bay Candles will not ship any new orders until the NSF-related fees, returned check fees, or any related costs and penalties are paid in full.


If Aspen Bay Candles places a delinquent account with a third-party collection agency or attorney, the account will be assessed costs of collection, including attorney’s fees and expenses. These fees must be paid in full before any shipping can resume.


Online-only accounts must be approved and opened by Aspen Bay Candles. Special terms apply. For inquiries, please contact Aspen Bay Candles sales division. Aspen Bay Candles® reserves the right to change these Terms of Sale at any time. For the most up-to-date terms, please visit

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